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Retriever Training
by Jim Beverly

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If Your Retriever Could Talk!

or "If You Could Read Their Mind!"
(A slide show of 65 pictures with captioning)

This DVD was produced for sale to raise money for two organizations that need and deserve support for the positive impact they have on people not only in WNY but throughout the entire country and abroad.  City Church of Batavia, NY has a project that has been put on hold for several years due to concentrating their resources to helping others.  Roswell Park Cancer Institute's reputation speaks for itself!  Both of these organizations save lives and souls on a daily basis.  ALL profits will go directly to City Church and Roswell Park.  Price for the DVD is $18 which includes taxes and shipping. 

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During my early days of working with retrievers, I used to wonder, "what is that dog thinking?"  That was the beginning of an attitude that has played a big part in the development of the techniques I use in training.  God Blessed me with the ability to quickly determine the dog's personality and apply whatever action needed to manipulate the animal into building up the confidence and desire to please and perform as he/she was bred to do.  As the years have passed and the memories continue to accumulate, I find myself not only wondering what the dog is thinking, but what would happen if they could talk.  The more pictures I looked at and the situations the dog was exposed to, the more I started imagining some funny remarks or thoughts that particular animal may have had at the time.  It's amazing at some of the things we demand and ask of our four legged hunting partner.

I decided to put this DVD together for the purpose of putting a smile on the face of all you retriever owners.  As you look at each picture, it will produce memories of similar situations you and your retriever have shared.  Share this with your family, hunting partners and new dog owners.  It may change the way you think of your dog and even the attitude in which you handle him.  Like I tell all my clients and friends, "the first thing you need to learn about the training and handling process with your retriever, is to smile and laugh a lot"!

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Full Day Training Clinic for the Companion Hunting Retriever

Inside activity will be on a seminar basis covering the entire process of preparing the retriever for the blind, boat or field.

Outside activity will be a hands on clinic with handlers bringing their dogs if they are at least four months old. Training will start with obedience and working toward the end of the day with taking the dog into the duck blind in a real hunting situation. Correct handling techniques will be covered throughout the day as well as training techniques for the dog. So that each handler/dog gets the full benefit of the clinic, no more than 10 participants should be signed up per day.

Cost to the organization or company is $500 per day plus travel expenses for two people. To schedule a clinic or for more info, contact Jim.